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  •   My 3 boys have all joined this club and have enjoyed it for many years. Many people think karate is just about fighting but they are wrong, it's much more. They teach life lessons such as respect, discipline, meditation to name a few.... All the team of coaches are supportive, anx make it fun to learn for the younger children. I looked at a few clubs in the area observing the different styles but liked how Aaron ran the club. GIVE IT A TRY U WON'T BE DISSAPOINTED

    thumb Andrew Heads

      Cannot recommend this class enough. Sensei and his staff are fantastic with the kids and the kids clearly enjoy their classes. Never seen Oliver sit still for so long! Thank you!

    thumb Lyn Brie

      Amazing! My daughter attends a few times a week and loves it. Before karate she had never shown any interest in any sports, Aaron and his team are awesome with both young and old attendees, full of encouragement and really have helped massively with my daughters confidence, the club members are encouraged to socialise together if they wish and this I feel provides an extension and more personal approach to the training, well done guys you are a credit to the practice!

    thumb Toria Swales

      My daughter has been having lessons with sensei Aaron for over a year now and loves them hopefully many more years to come.

    thumb Donna Dixon

      Cannot thank sensei Aaron & his seniors enough. Their hard work & his dedication to his students is exemplary & it is obvious how much enjoyment his students get from their training. I am so pleased we chose to send our middle son here, his classes are helping no end with his concentration & discipline, & he is keeping fit & healthy too. Aaron is always happy to listen & offer help & advice, being part of his classes is more like being part of a larger family. We are looking forward to watching our son's journey in karate & introducing his siblings too.

    thumb Ray Blythe

      Perfect place for young and old to exercise body and mind. Very good teachers and a relaxed environment, but with a professional attitude. Strongly recommend for anyone of any age!

    thumb Christian Johansson

      A fantastic place for young and old ones to train karate and learn valuable lessons about discipline and self confidence. Highly recommended!!

    thumb Marcin Socha

      Fabulous standard of training. The students are always polite and perform at a very high standard.

    thumb Nicole Dawson
  •   From March until July 2016, I had the utmost pleasure to train with this club, while attending a language school and doing an internship. After having had tried out another club in Newcastle, I got in touch with Aaron, did a trial session and stayed there. During this time, I enjoyed immensely the camaraderie of the people and got to know great people not only in Newcastle but also in Manchester. Aaron runs a tight ship, encourages all students and is easy to talk to. Thanks to his formidable abilities as a teacher, his students are technically well-rounded and possess a ferocious fighting spirit. The social activities like the summerly beach training a real plus. The belts are earned not given. I hope to come back sometime.

    thumb Daniel Ehrhardt

      Excellent Sensei!

    thumb Chantal Bruinhof-Straver

      Love taking my grandson and granddaughter to their karate lessons Aaron is a excellent teacher karate helps the kids with their concentration and keeps them fit my grandkids love going they have been going for 2 years and they will continue to go until there much older

    thumb Sharon Froud

      Great for your children keeping them fit and great teachers too

    thumb Naomi Martin

      Absolutely great group of people, my daughter has been hooked from the first minute.

    thumb Gavin Dobson

      Excellent teaching. My son adores this class.

    thumb Nat White

      Couldn't ask for more. My daughter became interested at one of Aaron's after school clubs in 2013. She then took up the free trial, loved it and has never looked back. She now attends classes 3 times a week, has achieved Junior 3rd kyu brown belt and is an after school club helper for little dragons. Karate has helped develop her concentration, focus and self confidence. So glad she is part of the newcastle goju-ryu karate family.

    thumb Lisa Mik

      Great Karate Club! Kids are really enjoying it and making really good progress! Great Sensei and awesome instructors!

    thumb Adjami Da Silva
  •   Welcoming & friendly atmosphere, yet, professional, successful and value adding. There is a place for everyone & age. Very highly recommended

    thumb Karim Sorour

      Excellent karate club. Very welcoming and Sensei is fab with little ones - they learn and have fun every time.

    thumb Anne-Marie Blackburn

      This is a brilliant karate club. Both my children go here and they have enjoyed every minute and learned so much. The sensei has such a wonderful way with the kids. He inspires all his pupils to work hard and believe in themselves by being caring, patient, fun, motivational and a great role model. I can't say enough good words about him and the teaching environment he has created. All I can say is you will know what I mean when you see it for yourself.

    thumb Amanda Kennington

      This is a very good club if you want your children to not only learn karate but also to learn some valuable lessons in values. The club also offers children a chance to work with different races and religion and there are no barriers everyone is equal. Aaron is also a nice family orientated guy and makes time to listen to parents and children alike we will miss the club very much our boys have taken a lot away with them. Thanks and good luck.✅✅✅✅✅

    thumb David Roberts

      Open and friendly atmosphere with fantastic students and a knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher. You can tell Aaron truly cares for his students and this is reflected in the respect given to him by his students - but most clearly by the smiles seen all around the class! I've always found his lessons to be fun and down to earth, both for the kids and the adults. I look forward to training with him again in the future and cannot recommend him enough.

    thumb Yaz S.A.

      My son has been doing karate with Aaron since he was 5yrs old. He's 8 now and still loves it as much now as he did back then. He's learning some great skills; not only in self defense, but other life skills which help to set these kids up with a good mindset for life. Aaron is really great with the kids; patient and understanding and attends to each of their individual needs. But what's more is that they always have fun and every week there is something different so classes don't get monotonous. Aaron also has some fab helpers in the classes who have worked their way up from a white belt so understand the learning curve that the younger ones are going through. A lovely atmosphere and a very welcoming environment.

    thumb Zoe Ronald

      Completely age-appropriate, fun introduction to the fascinating world of karate. Sensei Aaron keeps the kids engaged and focused. Always a class full of smiling faces and lots of fun to watch from a parents perspective!

    thumb Joanna Feeley

      My daughter loves the classes and it's very positive that so many girls attend.

    thumb Mark Stutt
  •   This club is simply wonderful: the children are supportive of each other and incredibly fair. They genuinely root and care for each other! This is all thanks to our Sensei Aaron Milan-Vega. His teaching style is so conducive to sportsmanship, respect and physical and mental development that the kids respond wonderfully to him. My 7 and 10 year old sons have been with Aaron over 4 years now and simply love it. And so do I!

    thumb Laura Leonardo

      Goju-Ryu Karate is a brilliant, well run club. The development of young children is superb. The facilities are first class and everyone is made to feel welcome.

    thumb Simon Walsh

      I am very lucky to have a group of dedicated students who just want to enjoy their martial arts journey. I also have some fantastic coaches who I couldn't do this without. Thank you to all of the parents for supporting us.

    thumb Aaron Milan-Vega

      El mejor profesor y la mejor academia d newcastle!!! Pasaros por alli y verlo es cierto. Un chico muy responsable y disfruta mucho con su trabajo. A que esperan para ir a verlo!!!

    thumb Maite Milan Rosado