Helpful Resources

Grading Syllabi

Downloadable PDF syllabus documents.

Little Dragons (4-7 yrs)

Juniors (8-15 yrs)

Seniors (16+ yrs)

Kata Videos

Videos of Gojuryu Kata. These are not our videos and are linked externally. There may be some slight variations compared to our way of study. Please do not use to learn the kata, only as a resource. If a link is broken, please inform us via the contact page.

Gekisai dai Ichi | Gekisai dai Ni– 1st Dan

Saifa – 1st Dan

Sanchin – 1st Dan

Tensho – 2nd Dan

Seiunchin – 2nd Dan

Sanseiru – 3rd Dan

Shisochin – 4th Dan

Seipai – 5th Dan

Seisan – 6th Dan

Kururunfa – 7th Dan

Suparinpei – 8th Dan

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