Helpful Resources

Grading Syllabi

Downloadable PDF syllabus documents detailing required content up to black belt.

⬇️ Little Dragons (4-7 yrs)

⬇️ Juniors (8-15 yrs)

⬇️ Seniors (16+ yrs)

Kata Videos

Videos of Gojuryu Kata. Please do not use to learn the kata, only as a resource.

Videos do not belong to us and are sourced from YouTube. If a link is broken, please inform us via the contact page.

🎞️ Gekisai dai Ichi (Slow Version for Kids)

🎞️ Gekisai dai Ichi (For Older Students)

🎞️ Gekisai dai Ni

🎞️ Saifa

🎞️ Sanchin

🎞️ Tensho

🎞️ Seiunchin

🎞️ Sanseiru

🎞️ Shisochin

🎞️ Seipai

🎞️ Seisan

🎞️ Kururunfa

🎞️ Suparinpei

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