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Grading Information

There will be a grading test on the below date, in which students will be examined for their next belt. It will involve a physical/mental examination, where a list of items must be shown from the appropriate syllabus. A presentation will then take place. Please arrive early.


Saturday 30th November 2019


Chillingham Road Primary School, NE6 5XL


£30 for 1 student
£55 for 2 students
£80 for 3 students

Time Slots:

Little Dragons Lower Grades

Start: 11:00am
Presentation: 11:30am
Finish: 12:00pm

Ages: 4-7 yrs
Grade attempted: Stripy yellow, orange or red.
Little Dragons Higher Grades

Start: 12:30pm
Presentation: 1:00pm
Finish: 1:30pm

Ages: 4-7 yrs
Grade attempted: Stripy green, blue, purple, brown or black.
Junior Coloured Belts

Start: 2:00pm
Presentation: 3:15pm
Finish: 4:00pm

Ages: 8-15 yrs
Grade attempted: Yellow, orange, red, green, blue or purple belt.
Junior Brown/Black Belts & All Seniors

Start: 4:30pm
Presentation: 6:15pm
Finish: 7:00pm

Ages: 8-15 yrs
Grade attempted: Brown or black belt.

Ages: 16+ yrs
Grade attempted: All colours.

Application Deadline:

Sunday 24th November 2019

All times are approximate and may run over. If you pass, you will receive your certificate and belt. If you fail, your name will not be called out and you will be spoken to in private after the test. Please rest assured, you would not be invited to take a test if Sensei thought you were not ready. Students are given chances to rectify any issues and only fail in extreme circumstances. Once the presentation is complete, the bowing ceremony will take place, photos will be taken and then you may leave.


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