After School & Lunchtime Clubs

Who are these classes for?

Alongside our evening classes at the main Dojo, we also run after school & lunchtime clubs at various primary schools in Heaton, Westerhope, Fawdon and Kenton.

Our evening classes are open to the general public, and run through most school holidays. Our after school & lunchtime clubs are for students of the particular school, and run during term times only.

Monday After School Club
St Teresa's Catholic Primary School
Heaton Road, Heaton, Newcastle, NE6 5HN

Tel: 0191 265 5076 to apply
Tuesday Lunchtime Club
North Fawdon Primary School
Brotherlee Road, Fawdon, Newcastle, NE3 2SL

Tel: 0191 285 1350 to apply
Tuesday After School Club
Mountfield Primary School
Kirkwood Drive, North Kenton, Newcastle, NE3 3AT

Tel: 0191 285 3793 to apply
Wednesday After School Club
Wyndham Primary School
Wyndsail Place, Kenton, Newcastle, NE3 4QP

Tel: 0191 285 3895 to apply
Thursday After School Club
Chillingham Road Primary School
Ninth Avenue, Heaton, Newcastle, NE6 5XX

Tel: 0191 265 5940 to apply
Friday After School Club
St Mark's RC Primary School
Bardon Close, Westerhope, Newcastle, NE5 4BT

Tel: 0191 286 9349 to apply
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