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We are affiliated to:


Seiwakai International & Japan Karatedo Federation (JKF) Gojukai.

This gives us a direct link to Japanese Goju-Ryu Karate and all of our black belt grading tests are conducted under an international panel. Our chief instructor worldwide is Fujiwara Seiichi Shihan 8th Dan and our UK chief is Singh Gurmit Shihan 7th Dan.

Seiwakai was founded by Tasaki Shuji Shihan 9th Dan (1933 – 2011) and our former UK and European chief was Lipinski Leo Shihan 8th Dan (1946 – 2018).


Some of our friends’ websites (please note: We are not responsible for any information posted on these sites):

Seiwakai Dojos

North London, UK: Karate Centre (Sensei Mehmet Mehmet – Formerly Shihan Leo Lipinski’s club)
Essex, UKSeitou Ryu Karate (Sensei Richard Hang Hong)
Moerdjik, Netherlands: Seiwakai Holland (Sensei Arno Yarzagaray)

Other Karate Clubs

Texas, USAKaizen Gojukan (Sensei Eugene Kitney)

Non-Karate Related

Personal Trainer in Grays (Jason Thompson)

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