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Craig & Cameron - MembersMy son Cameron has been doing karate for about 2 years and his concentration in school has improved. He used to be behind in his work, now he is almost top of the class in everything he does. His teacher said in his report that he is very mature for his age. I used to do karate but stopped. My son got me to join in with the karate class at Newcastle Goju and it has helped build my confidence as well as helping me to keep fit and spend quality time with him. Aaron is a very passionate teacher and any one who trains with him will benefit from his wisdom in the art and sport.
Neil Summers - MemberI’ve known Aaron for 8 years and he is a instructor of the highest quality in terms of his karate skills and depth of knowledge. I train purely for self defence, to me it doesn’t matter about belts or medals/trophies, the main thing is if I’m attacked by someone intent in causing me harm can I defend myself. With my training with Aaron taking a very realistic approach covering all aspects of combat I’ve more confidence in my ability. However whatever your reasons for wanting to learn a martial art be it self defence, competition, achieve a black belt or fitness, Newcastle Goju caters for all in a friendly environment with a high level 3rd Dan Instructor.
Juliet - ParentI took my children to try out karate just for exercise, but with Newcastle Goju it has been so much more than that. Both my children love the classes so much because they have a lot of fun aswell as knowing that they are learning and becoming more skilled in martial arts. They take a great sense of pride in their achievements, and they are made to feel part of a community; Aaron instils an excellent ethos into the groups, where the older children help the young ones and all respect each other. Also one of my children has some physical difficulties, but he is supported and encouraged and made to feel he is achieving as much as more physically able students. I am very impressed and highly recommend the classes for girls as well as boys.
Katie - ParentAaron sees each child as an individual. As such he guides and nurtures them, both their strengths and weaknesses. As a former military instructor I am very impressed by Aaron’s teaching, attitude and dedication, all the things one so often wishes for in a role model but so often doesn’t get.
Anita - Guest Instructor from North YorkshireAaron is a fantastic instructor – full of enthusiasm and knowledge – I would definitely send my kids to train with him if I lived closer, and also we train with him when we get the chance to which is great.
Bob - Student of Tony & Anita from North YorkshireAn excellent club to train with. Classes are held in a great facility by Aaron who has bags of enthusiasm. Myself and my son occasionally travel 40 miles to train with the group.
Paul - Friend & Black BeltFantastic coach would highly recommend the club for any local children and adults in the area. Great development of FUNdamental skills in children which can be deployed in a range of other sports. Classes great for fitness and self-defence along with a range of other skills.
Christine - ParentSensei Aaron is a brilliant teacher. He is so patient with the little dragons and is so committed to the art of karate, he comes highly recommended.
Reza - MemberI started karate in 2013 and already, feel like a new person. Sensei Aaron has helped me improve my confidence as well as knowing how to defend myself. Not only has it helped me with this but it has helped me grow as an individual.
Erin - Junior Member“What do I like about my karate classes? Everything!”
Russell - ParentErin has really come on since starting her Karate classes and loves going. Aaron is a great teacher who balances having fun with fostering respect and focused learning. Erin has loads of different hobbies but whenever she’s asked which is her favourite one she always says Karate.
Alan, Oliver & Sam - MembersHaving trained with Aaron for over three years, I now have all three of my children training with him too. Aaron’s passion for Karate-Do is clear in every lesson. He obviously values the heritage and traditions of Karate-Do, and Goju-Ryu in particular, yet balances this discipline with a sense of fun and a relaxed style of teaching that everyone enjoys. His classes include all aspects of Karate including Kihon, Kata, and Kumite as well as self defence, and general fitness.The club has really developed over the past few years and I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in martial arts.
Dan & Joseph - MembersMe and my 8 year old brother are brown belts at Milan-Vega Sensei’s class. It has helped me with my confidence and it has given something for me to feel passionate about. It really helps with my fitness, speed, strength and everything else to give me a hand with my rugby. My brother loves it just as much as I do. We have a great teacher and many friends at the dojo with a variety of people to meet and train with!!
Sharon - MumMy 8 year old son Ethan loves karate and is progressing well under the guidance of Aaron. Aaron not only teaches the children the value of karate but makes it a fun place to go. Highly recommended.
Zenobia - MemberAaron’s lessons are very enjoyable as you learn a lot but also have fun. He is a very good teacher, explains things fully and doesn’t complicate anything. You can talk to Aaron easily without any hesitation as he has a very friendly personality. When I grade I always feel confident, as I know I have learnt the things I require to a good standard.
Elly - MemberI’ve been going to this karate club since 2009 and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it- from the gradings, to the competitions, to all the games. I’m now a red belt (2010) and look forward to every lesson. Karate isn’t just for boys, Aaron’s group has both girls and boys attending and all of us think it’s great fun!!!
Lisa & Justine - MembersYou can tell by the way Aaron teaches his classes that he is highly dedicated to both his students and the club. He has got the perfect balance between discipline and fun. My daughter and I find the classes extremely enjoyable and the atmosphere is always friendly and welcoming. We are both very proud to be members of Newcastle Goju.
Ray & Tanya - ParentsOur two boys have been going to Aaron’s Karate class since 2009 and they both love it. They are learning a great skill which is taught brilliantly and have loads and loads of fun when they are doing it.
Wendy - ParentMy son has been doing karate now for nearly a year and the difference in him is amazing. He was very quiet, shy and not very confident but doing karate has really boosted his confidence and helped him to overcome his shyness along with it being a good way of staying fit instead of being glued to a TV or XBox.
John - ParentMy son who is 8 has been attending this karate class for over a year now and loves every minute. He goes twice a week and has made some nice friends. Within a year he has gained a red belt which has boosted his confidence no end. Aaron is a fantastic teacher and has time for all his pupils, a better class you could not find.
Kath - MemberHaving trained in Wado-Ryu Karate for around 18 years, I decided to change styles and found this club. I have been there since 2010 and have found it to be a well run club, where Sensei Aaron always has time for everyone, no matter what level they are. The kids really enjoy their classes, which are well disciplined but also have a fun element. I would recommend this club to anyone wishing to train in Goju-Ryu Karate.
George - Former Training PartnerSince meeting him in 2002, Milan-Vega Sensei has been a driven practitioner of Goju-Ryu Karate-Do and his knowledge of the style, history, and tradition is unrivaled. Aaron has taught me everything and more that I would need to know of the art, and his enthusiasm is what makes him such a good teacher. He competes to an international (winning) standard, and passed both his Black Belt grades first time under Saiko Shihan (Grand Master) Yamaguchi Goshi. His ability to instruct, producing students of the highest calibre, and his own personal ability make Milan-Vega Sensei the perfect instructor for all standards of students.
Jack - Former Training PartnerMilan-Vega Sensei’s teaching and training is heavily emphasised on the traditional side of Karate-Do. Milan-Vega Sensei has won the British International Open, gained third in the European Championships, and third in the World Championships, which assures you that you and your child will receive the best quality teaching available. His knowledge of Karate-Do and Goju-Ryu in particular is of a high standard and this is why his classes have been so successful.
Lizzy - Former Training PartnerAaron, you’re a fantastic instructor. I love training with you whenever I get the opportunity. You’ve a lovely, friendly manner which makes you very approachable and makes learning such a pleasure. There’s always a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere in your classes and as a person who lacks confidence this is a blessing. You’ve never made me feel silly or stupid when I’ve been unsuccessful at something, I have only ever received help and encouragement from you – thank you. You’re known for your vast knowledge of Karate and are very dedicated, keep up the good work, I wish you every success. A very happy student.
Anne - Former Training PartnerAaron is one of a kind, a great instructor who has a real passion for what he does. He is always happy and tries to be as helpful as he can. I have trained with Aaron and find his classes very enjoyable, and know that anyone else who trains with him would feel the same. I know that without a doubt he will continue to be very successful and I wish him all the best in the future.
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