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We are affiliated to:

Seiwakai International &
Japan Karatedo Federation (JKF) Gojukai.

This gives us international recognition and a direct link to Japan. It also gives us the chance to train with many great Goju-Ryu instructors in the UK and abroad.


Some of our friends’ websites (please note: We are not responsible for any information posted on these sites):

Karate Related

North London: Karate Centre (Shihan Leo Lipinski)
Sunderland Karate Academy (Sensei Derek Laing)
EssexSeitou Ryu Karate (Sensei Richard Hang Hong)

Netherlands: Seiwakai Holland (Sensei Arno Yarzagaray)
Kaizen Gojukan (Sensei Eugene Kitney)
Sri LankaOkinawa Shorin-Ryu Kyudokan (Sensei Indishe Senanayake)

Non-Karate Related

Personal Trainer in Grays (Jason Thompson)

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